Reactive Dyes

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These are also known as ‘COLD BRAND DYES’. These dyes are having very good reactivity. These Reactive dyes require mild alkaline conditions for its applications & fixation at the optimum temperature as fixed.

There are varieties of Reactive Dyes which are:

  • Hot Dyes
  • Cold Brand Dyes/ “M” Series Dyes
  • Sun Active Dyes/ “HE” Series Dyes

I. Hot Dyes

This reactive dye is best suited under strong alkaline conditions and high temperature and this is the only reason that it is used widely for printing cotton and viscose. This is made using the top quality raw material and hence pursues excellent fastness properties to light, wash as well as perspiration.

Hot names dyes, M series dyes, He Series Dye, Me Series Dye

Cold brand dyes

II. Cold Brand Dyes/ “M” Series Dyes

These cold brand reactive dyes are specifically being used in the medium alkaline conditions and under mild temperature. These M Series dyes have impressive reactivity fastness properties, which is the main reason of its popularity among the textile industries.

III. Sun Active Dyes/ “HE” Series Dyes

These Sun Active Dyes are one of the best series and the most ideal for the dyeing cellulosic material, which is also being widely used to achieve the mixed brighter color shade combinations over hot and cold dyes. Few attributes like high fixation, color consistency and excellent wet fastness have made it popular. These are available with broad color options with best and pocket friendly rates.

He Series Dye

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