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Pink Rose Pigments – highly reputed firm, which is engaged as a profound manufacturer, supplier and exporter of an exclusive range of Pigment, dyes, fluorescent pigments, organic, and inorganic pigments in Ahmedabad. We stepped into this domain with a vision of availing the necessities of differing industries with a qualitative and pure pigment dye range. Further to match with the necessity of our esteem clients, we customize the packaging of the dyes and pigments as per their demands. Our unique and patented process of manufacturing the pigment dyes allows us to develop and produce world’s leading products that provide our esteem customers with greater cost flexibility in their formulations. We are supplying the pigments in the powder form and it is appropriate for short runs, emergency cases or with powdered polyethylene for rotational moulding applications.

We are engaged in offering Organic, Inorganic and Fluorescent Pigments which add colours to your lives. These dyes and pigments are considered as the main elements for wet processing which are done in different types of dyes and chemicals. There are diverse brand developed across India for producing dyes and pigments. Pink Rose offers standardized and customized pigments and pigment preparations that meet all your quality, sustainability and versatility requirements. We are flourished with a team of experienced professionals, who utilize the top grade herbs and ingredients in processing these products. Our manufacturing unit is well developed with technologically integrated infrastructure along with an effective distribution arrangement, which assists us in fulfilling the demands of our clients productively.

If your are searching for the Top Pigment Manufacturing Companies in India, then Pink Rose is recognized brand asleading Manufacturer of pigment powder in India.

Pigment Companies In India

There are huge no of companies developed across India as a leading Pigments Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. Pink Rose is one of the well-known brand in the dyes industries and for the same if you search for best Pigment Companies in India, we are the only brand, hugely demanded among the customers flourished across Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The company is also assisted with a quality controlling unit to austerelyverify the complete product variety on numerous quality parameters to guaranteepremium quality products to our esteemed clients. Being the best manufacturer, we are affianced with experienced quality controllers who always keep an eye on the product manufactured and delivering system to avoid any poor quality product delivery to the customers.

Further we have made a strong presence across India under the guidance of our experienced manager, who has acute business mind.

Leading Pigment Companies in India

His extensive proficiency and understanding in this domain has made us to be leading manufacturer of pigment powder, Fluroscent Pigments, Vat Paste , Reactive Dye, Pigment emulsion, Organic Pigments, Cold brand dyes, Hot names dyes, Vinyl Sulphone Dyes, Bi – functional Dyes, Eco-series pigment paste, Agriculture Organic Pigments, in India. Our management team and business acumen has enabled us in widening our customer network in different cities across India such as Jodhpur, Nagpur, Agra, Pune, Bhopal, Aurangabad, Vadodara, Bharuch, Ankleshwar, Rajkot, Surat, Vapi, Indore, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Allahabad.

Industries where Pigments are widely Used

We serve the following industrial markets, but our work is not limited to just these options. If you have something detailed you need, please feel free to give us a call or contact us for more information.Presently, the dye and dye intermediaries industry has grown as an integral part of many industries operating. Depending upon their toxicity, heat stability, staining, tinting strength, opacity and dispersion they become suitable for different applications.

  • Agriculture Industry
  • Coating & Construction Industry
  • Detergent Industry
  • Textile Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Printing Ink Industry
  • Paints Industry
  • Pharma Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Woodworking Industry

Types of Pigment

Based on the method of their formulation, pigments can be categorized into three types: inorganic pigments, organic pigments and fluorescent pigments. The manufactured range of pigment types are the reason for all things to look colourful. The manufactured pigments are the substances that add color to an item. The term pigment and dyes are quite often confused but in reality they can be said to be distant cousins. The main difference between Dyes and Pigments are the pigments can be dissolved in a liquid with the help of a binder while a dye can dissolve by itself.

Inorganic Pigments

We are acknowledged firm engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Inorganic pigments which tends to be a demanding choice in the industrial market for numerous reasons, but they even have a drawbacks. These offered range of Inorganic Pigments are fully based on oxide, oxide hydroxide, sulphide, silicate, sulphate or carbonate and can be classified into four other pigments as white pigment, black pigment (carbon black), colored pigments and specialty pigments. Our offered Inorganic Pigments are not based on carbon chains and rings and consist of dry ground minerals, usually metals and metallic salts. Some of the most significant positive and negative properties of inorganic pigments are excellent fade resistance, Cost Effective, Poor Tonality and Toxicity.

Organic Pigments

The offered range of Organic Pigments are based on carbon chains and rings and in some pigments contains the element as stabilizers. These strong carbon chains also make them highly stable. Further these organic pigments tend to be less popular in different industries compared to inorganic pigments, with the exception of artist’s paints. Though, the offered organic pigments are widely used on a lesser scale when compared with the inorganic pigments as this improves the color quality of a pigments. The carbon-based pigments are derived from animals, vegetables, or synthetic organic chemistry. Organic pigments tend to be less popular in most industries compared to inorganic pigments, with the exception of artists' paints. Organic pigments are marked by the following qualities:Color quality, High Prices, Varying lightfastness and so on.

Fluorescent Pigments

Pigments that can be stimulated by light to give brighter and more brilliant colours than conventional pigments are known as fluorescent pigments. These offered fluorescent pigments are composed of dyed organic polymers that are formulated to be solvents for the fluorescent dyestuff. Fluorescent pigments are accessible in wide range of brilliant shades giving a deep bright coating. In difference to ordinary colors, light emitted from fluorescent color add to the light returned by simple reflection to give the glow characteristic of daylight-fluorescent materials.Our fluorescent pigments standard is unmatched as it’s among the very few pigments that endure harsh mixing environments without loss of quality or excellence. We are recognized fluorescent pigments manufacturers in India offering wide range of pigments which can be availed at best price.

Pigment Paste Manufacturer

Pink Rose – is a renowned name betrothed as leading Pigment Paste Manufacturer and Supplier in Ahmedabad. The offered range Pigment Paste is rich in the solids and is pourable pigment dispersions and formulated by the experts using the finest quality chemicals in accurate composition. These offered range of Pigment Pastes are of high quantity of dispersed pigments binders or resins. The high pigment level guarantees a number of economic and technical advantages. The essential amount of additions in the coating or the paint for achieving the standard colour is minimal.These pastes are formulated at our manufacturing unit in accordance with the set industry standards. We offer these pastes with top-notch quality at reasonable rates. Used in numerous industries, these are brought in protective packaging so that spoilage or leakage could be evaded. We guarantee our customers eco-friendly products on account of usage of these pastes.

Pigment Paste Manufacturer

Pigment Emulsion Manufacturer

Empowered with the team of experienced professionals in this domain who are recognized as a leading Pigment Emulsion Manufacturer in Ahmedabad. These manufactured range of Pigment Emulsions are dispersed as organic pigment which are used for textile printing and the pigment pastes are specially processed to obtain outstanding dispersion and can be easily stirred into textile binder without further grinding. Our offered range of Pigment Emulsions give high purity of tone and brilliant shades on fabrics with appropriate binders. Pigment Emulsions are used in rubber article, decorative paint colours, soap, detergent, powder, textile printing, water based ink, dyeing and many specialized equipment. Our firm is the most celebrated exporter, supplier and manufacturer of Pigment Emulsions.Our pigment emulsion is based on the oil in water based emulsion system.

Pigment Powder Manufacturers

We are leading Pigment Powder Manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India and other countries. The manufactured range of Pigment Powders consist of pigments which are known to give color to paint, that are primarily used for adding color to many products. Pigment Powders are highly reliable and it offers diverse competitive benefits by offering visual purpose to different industry. While manufacturing the Pigment Powder, our established experts are using the latest technology manufacturing equipment. These pigment powders are manufactured in compliance with the set industrial norms and standards. Coloured powder which are used to produce a full range of colours. By using the powder, we are able to produce all types of paints and colouring material like enamels, acrylics, pastels, chalks, coloured pencils and oils. Additionally, these pigment powders can also be assorted with colour concrete, plaster, plastic resins, wood putties and epoxy and can also be used for applications such as colouring wood fillers, wood finishing, shading pore filler pastes, colored waxes or for touch-up on furniture.

Low Cost Pigment Manufacturer

Pink Rose is elaborate the business operations that is led by experienced management having years of experience in this domain which allows to successfully understand the emerging product requirements of our customers. If you are looking for the Low Cost Pigment Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, then we are the one who is engaged in undertaking bulk orders for all kinds of requirements ordered for pigments. The required pigments are readily available in stock and it is supplied at the best affordable cost and comparatively lesser in price from other competitors present in the market.

low cost pigment manufacturer

Reason for Considering Pink Rose Pigments

We, at Pink Rose Pigments, widely acclaimed across the globe for supplying a wide variety of Pigments. Being a leading Pigment Manufacturer and supplier of Pigments in India, now we are globally recognized brand. It takes an immense pleasure to introduce ourselves to diverse industries in different countries for offering different types of pigments such organic, inorganic and fluorescent pigment. We are well supported by a highly competitive team of professionals who enable us to carve a niche in the industrial market. Our developed diligent professionals work in close collaboration with customers and team members to maintain, deliver pure pigments, dyes, brighteners, gelatine, food colors and sulphate.With numerous manufacturing facilities and a world-wide sales presence, we are able to offer the services worldwide. We continuously strive to deliver the best quality of pigments to our customers while being ecologically sensitive. Our technocrats are experienced and have enormousacquaintance in the field.

Pigment Manufacturers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pigment manufacturing?

The process of a material that changes the colour of reflected or transmitted light as the result of wavelength-selective absorption is known as Pigment. Pigments are generally coloured, solid powders that are frequently insoluble. All paints are made from the ingredient known as pigment. Generally pigments are employed in water and oil based paints, printed inks and plastics.

How do you manufacture pigments?

Pink Rose Pigment is engaged in manufacturing the pigment with a process containing a coloured composition combined in a polycondensation resin said resin not holding aldehyde derivatives, particularly formaldehyde derivatives, wherein the reactants for the formation of said polycondensation resin and the coloured composition are presented incessantly into a reactor and are mixed, the mixture moved accelerative in die reactor and at the end of reaction the product is withdrawn continuously from the said reactor. In this way the pigments are manufactured.

Where are pigments manufactured?

The pigment are manufactured from extracting the colour from clay or earth and preparing in olden days. But now in the modern age the pigments are manufactured in synthesized in laboratories. Further the Cosmetic pigments are divided into inorganic pigments and organic pigments.

Which country produces the most pigments?

With a growing global presence, we address the challenges in the segment with safety, quality performance and durability.The produced range of pigment are imported worldwide in the countries Germany, China, Italy, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Mexico, Algeria, Spain, Egypt, Morocco, Austria and many other.

Top pigment manufacturing Company in India

Now a day Dyes and Pigments are the main elements for wet processing. These wet processing is done by the diverse types of dyes and chemicals. There are different brands dyes and pigments used for dyeing and printing. Different countries are engaged in manufacturing dyes and chemicals. India is considered to be leading pigments manufacturers globally and our manufactured pigments are comparaatively cheaper than the other countries pigments. Pink Rose is considered to be leading and recognized as Top Pigment manufacturing Company in India.

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