Pigment Dispersion Producer

Pigment Dispersion Manufacturer, Supplier

We are reputed Pigment Dispersion Producer in Ahmedabad with the brand name Pink Rose. The offered range of Pigment Dispersion are mainly known as fine dispersions off pigment in aqueous, solvent or universal system. These are different forms of Pigment Dispersion which are the selected Phthalocyanine Pigments in emulsion form distinguished by exceptional finesse of dispersion and outstanding stability. Our manufactured range of Pigment Dispersion are hugely recommended for textile printing. There different types of dispersion for preparation of pigments, one of them is sun coat dispersion which is having high pigment preparations, with outstanding fastness properties. These pigment dispersions are more suitable for paint and coating industries. The pigment dispersion procedure includes replacing air-solid interfaces in the dry powder with liquid-solid interfaces and separating the clumps of pigment particles so that they are dispersed in the liquid. The dispersed particles must be separated, or they will flocculate to form new clumps. Our products are used in many important items such as: infrastructure, exterior roofing, road marking, oil services, floor coatings, OEM, and other protective and maintenance finishes.

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