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Now when we say that Pink Rose Pigments are the leading manufacturer and supplier and the most trusted brand by their customer’s since 1984, this trust is built on a strong foundation which is formed with the help of four major pillars or we can say the four major factors which has helped this Organization to conquer this huge position and acquire the market along with goodwill.

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Quality Control

Our company’s main motto is to read the requirements of our customer’s prior to the production process. Each and every customer connected with our company specifies their demand or requirement to us and accordingly the product is manufactures. But this does not imply that we as a manufacturer would deprive our customer’s in the aspect of quality. Pink Rose has never cheated their customer’s in matter of the quality and is deeply committed towards consistent quality along with unmatched prices and shipment. Customer Care is given the priority at Pink Rose Company.

Major Market

Pink Rose Pigments have captured a huge market share with the help of their widespread distribution channels. Our company has a huge network connection along with the distribution channels which is not only spread all over India but they are also presented in our neighboring countries like Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A better Channel Distribution helps the company as it subdivides the product according to the need of customer’s. And when customers are satisfied the company will grow and retain their customers.

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Pink Rose constantly endeavors to create products with improved technology along with good quality so that we as a leading manufacturer can meet the environmental competition. We also consider the efficiency of cost in order to rise above the expectations of consumers. Pink Rose believes that in order to survive in this huge competitive world, one should constantly bring changes in technology which will help in standing along with the competitor’s and fulfill the customer’s expectations.

Customer Care

Pink Rose believes that each and every customer is precious and valuable to us. We wish to establish a strong and mutual business relationship with our customer’s for long term basis and not for a temporary period. We look forward, with keen interest about you enquires for the products and your orders as well. They are given the highest value by our firm. We ensure to direct our shipments and services towards a never ending co-operation between us with utmost dignity for you all.

So these four major pillars or factors as mentioned above are responsible for Pink Rose to become a leading manufacturer of Pigments since 1984.

Manufacturer of Pigments

Each and every customer of our company is hundred percent satisfied by the service provided by us because we have made sure that quality of our product is premium along with the best suited price. This all is done by improving our technological innovations that we keep on doing at some time gap.

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